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Our experienced technicians and consultants are the best at what they do. We are a leading service provider in Birmingham, Alabama for over 10 years and dominate the competition in computer repair and service.

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BCS provides affordable support & service to your place of residence. We service the Birmingham, Vestavia, Hoover, Pelham, Helena, and Alabaster Areas

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BCS specializes in providing prompt and professional support & services to SMB’s in the Birmingham, Vestavia, Hoover, Pelham, Helena, and Alabaster Areas

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BCS is here for all your technology needs

For all of your computer repair needs, we can provide all the service, high quality and low prices that you expect from the best. Our computer services are the best in the region as we can repair a wide variety of computing devices to get you back on the net quickly.

Computer Repair

Your computer is your connection to the world. If something is not working properly we can fix it at our store. Our service to you is that we can do the right job the first time at prices that are low and competitive. Whether you need a simple repair or complete motherboard replacement, our expert technicians can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Laptop & Notebook Repair

There are millions of laptops and notebooks that people use every day to conduct their business, surf the web and stay in contact with friends and family. When your notebook or laptop is not working correctly, let us repair it. We have years of experience and are trained to fix these devices so that they are up and running in as little time as possible.

Virus Removal

A computer virus is not always obvious, you may have noticed that your computer is not running as smoothly as it used to, taking longer to turn on or simply going slower than it had before. Whether your computer clearly has a virus or not, our technicians can clear out any virus problem to get your computer back up in running quickly. We use time tested, proven repair methods that will clean out your computer of viruses and help boost it back to when you first bought it.


Keeping in touch with friends and family has never been easier, however, getting on the network may not be as easy as it first seems. We can solve your networking issues for both personal and business needs to make sure that everything is hooked up correctly. Call our friendly, courteous staff for an appointment and we’ll make sure that everyone is connected.

Data Recovery

Hitting “Delete” doesn’t always means that your data is lost forever. Bring your computer to us and we’ll recover the data that you had stored on your computer. In most cases, the data can be recovered fairly quickly. However, there are situations in which data recovery is simply not possible. In these cases, we only charge a minimum fee for our services. We want you to know that we can be trusted in providing honest, high-quality service. We can also perform data transfers if you are switching to a new computer system and still want the information from the one that you had been using.

New Setups

We can set up your new computer, network and other data systems at your place of business or residence quickly and easily. Our trained staff of computer technicians has years of experience in setting up new computer systems and we stay up to speed when it comes to the latest technology. Save your company time and money by calling on us to set up your computer system.

Configuring Cpanel with SpamAssassin to filter spam e-mail more effectively

I have a few customers that use basic IMAP e-mail hosting through a hosting provider such as Bluehost. This basic email account provides all the features they need but they were getting blasted with hundreds of spam messages every day. Most of our customers are using Exchange Online and G-Suite, both of which filter spam very well. I was struggling to configure SpamAssassin to filter out the bad stuff without filtering out the good stuff and couldn’t really find any tutorials online to help with this matter. Here we go…

Wireless Networks: How Do They Work?

Wireless networking can be thought of as Morse code for computers.For all its complicated ability, is far simpler to use than you might expect.

Link Load Balancing – Take a Load Off Annie

With the rapid increase in user traffic volumes and network demand for economical, reliable service, a computer network’s growth in traffic and revenues is limited only by its Link Load Balancing capabilities The better a network’s Link Load Balancing track record, the more traffic and revenue it may earn on its network investment.

Computer Networking Fundamentals

A computer network is a collection of two or more computers with communication between them through a medium. The communication medium can be through radio waves, wires, infrared, optical fibers etc.

A computer network is an integral part of our daily lives, with the most important reason being that of communication. The use of computer networking is to share resources like fax machines, printers, modems, files etc., and its other uses are a database server, computer server, e…

Category 6 Cable: A Category above the Rest!

Today’s bandwidth expectations mean that Category 5 is strategically dead. What is a category 6 cable? Despite the fact that the Category 6 standards are only at draft stage, manufacturers are offering a host of products and claiming that these products comply with the draft proposals.

Creating Secure Passwords

No sane person would ever like someone else reading her email. Or for that matter some other person using her password and breaking into a financial institution. You should, therefore, choose a strong, secure password in such a manner that would be a hard nut to crack for others and easy for you to remember. The more random and mixed-up you make it, the harder it is for others to crack. Mind you, if your password is compromised, the password crackers will even take over your identity.

Basics Of A Router

Router is a computer device that receives or forwards data packets to and from the Internet towards a destination in the process called routing. Router is the essential component of the computer networking that enables any sent data to arrive at the right destination.

As an illustration, imagine that the Internet is the world and one computer is one household. Other computers connected through the Internet are households around the world. Say one household will send a let…

A Computer & Internet Glossary

When you use computers and the Internet in your business, it’s all too easy to start feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of nonsense. Computer-related things tend to have a language all their own, and while you don’t need to know all of it, there are many confusing words and phrases that you’re going to come across sooner or later. Here’s a quick primer.

5 Reasons To Purchase Desktop Computers

If you are in the market for a computer, there are a number of factors to consider. Will it be used for your home, your office or perhaps even your home office combo?

How a Computer Consulting Business Can Help Your Company

While many small companies only call in a local computer consulting business when something computer-related breaks, there’s a lot to be gained by forging a proactive, long-term relationship with a local computer consulting business in your area.

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